Projects List

For more information about my projects, please follow my github.

Computer Vision & Deep Learning

  • XCloud [Java] [Python] [PDF]

    An AI Cloud Platform with RESTful APIs. We provide common AI & data services such as facial attributes analysis, data scrapping etc. based on Java and Python.

  • Image Censorship System [Article] [Code] [Document] [Survey]

    A repository for pornography image recognition based on deep learning, random forests with hand-crafted features, and skin model for fast recognition without GPU.

Data Mining & Data Analysis

  • Lagou Job Data Analysis [Article] [Code] [Slides]

    A repository for web data crawling, data storage, and data analysis of based on Python3.

  • JiaYuan User Profile [Article] [Code] [Slides]

    A repository for web data crawling, user profile of

  • Zhihu Live Analysis [Article-1] [Article-2] [Code]

    A repository for data crawling, data analysis, data mining and data visualization.

  • Ctrip Web Crawler [Code]

    A repository for multi-thread web crawler system of Ctrip based on Java with GUI.

  • Hot Topic Detection System [Code]

    An Internet Hot Topic Detection System based on Java Web with SinglePass clustering algorithm and HTML5-based visualization.

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