About Me

Self Introduction

My research interests include Machine Learning and Computer Vision. I like reading and photography. You can find me from Zhihu, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Curriculum Vitae: [PDF]

Publications and Tech Reports


  • XCloud: Design and Implementation of AI Cloud Platform with RESTful API Service [Python] [Java] [Tech Report]
  • Lagou Job
    A repository for job data crawling and data analysis based on Python3. This repo has received over 230 stars and 120+ forks. Technical details can be read from Zhihu Answer.
  • Software Copyright: Hot Topic Detection & Tracking System (2015SR165186) [Code]


  • English: (CET-6: 575/710); Proficiency in Reading and Writing
  • Algorithm: Deep Learning/Machine Learning/Computer Vision/Data Mining/Data Analysis
  • Programming: Java == Python > R > C++
  • Framework: PyTorch/TensorFlow/MXNet/Scikit-Learn/OpenCV
  • Database: MongoDB/MySQL/Oracle/Redis
  • Others: Web Crawler/Web Development/PPT/$\LaTeX$

Professional Activities


  • Reading and Writing
  • Movie and Music
  • Coding [Github]
  • Photography [Instagram]
  • Design


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